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My gallery of awesomeness! ^^


My fave pics, And it's also for you to enjoy!


She's Leaving on a Jetplane by BedBendersInc

This is the greatest fat fetish picture I ever seen, I mean it's so hot, you are the greatest artist ever! I instantly favorited and fo...


Apple's Insanity by Pickm
Apple's Insanity
Apple looked around, but all he could see was darkness. 

"So, like your new home?" a voice asked Apple.

Apple spun around, but saw no one. "Cause, this is the ONLY home you have, now." the voice continued, which angered Apple; he tried to punch it, but nothing was there. "Everybody thinks your crazy," "Thats...true" Apple sighed. "So what? Become US, we are YOU. Just look at yourself!" the voice asked, then Apple looked at himself; "Soooooo.... I am a monster *giggle* and I *snort, his eyes roll to the bottom of his head* am a MONSTER!!! *insane laughing*" As the days grew shorter, the "voice" kept incoruaging Apple's behavoir, saying it was 'okay' for US to act this way, because when your a monster: you can do anything you want.......

Apple soon grew, obessed with the idea of murder and killings. So much, that he started doing them himself, well, with the help of the voice. His skin became darker, and the darker it became;the more murderous apple got. Then, the voice introduced Apple to the human realm.

"Well, Appple?" the voice chuckled and continued. "These humans...looooove to watch you lose to Deadmon, which is a nickname I gave him since you killed hiiiiiiiimmmmm, kill them!" Apple leaped into the portal, his skin became darker, he grew sharp fangs and fur like a huskydog. and his eyes were the bluest ever, "spread...the...word..........kill them, break free.....stop the pain" the creature muffled, as he landed onto a boy...with his claws.......
Perfect Bat by Pickm
Perfect Bat
"he adamsons (the next-door neighbors) claimed to have seen a figure - looking like the picture above - walking outside the house, with the tentacles on its back carrying someone's body; which was claimed to have been Nicolas's."
Basically, I drawn what-could-have-been Perfect Bat from this story:
And yes, I have downloaded the link on the story; and it turns out to be a image of Alexa, yep, it is what the story tells. But, I haven't encounterd any ghosts or anything - for now, that is. So, it's pretty fake!
Crooked Apple by Pickm
Crooked Apple
I had an idea, while my tutor was here yesterday. I did some sketches of Crooked Apple, and wanted to show them off now! :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
I also did one of my OC, Nell. But, that's for a another time.
Bad Apple vs Crooked by Pickm
Bad Apple vs Crooked
Crooked is my Creepypasta OC. In this picture, Crooked reaches out for good ol' Bad Apple; but then, Apple beytrays Crooked and leaves him to die! 
I need people for this, and YOU could help! Here's the list of voices I need -

Sophia - sweet, kind, and caring: Job for a girl
Dr. Grandpa - a rough voice for this one, like a old man: Job for a guy!
Police Officer - Job for a man!
Town Citzens: My Job! (Closed)

Thanks for readings, and comment below!

remember, send the voices to my email -!


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Hello.… (moved to Dailymotion and Zippcast, go there to check out my new videos)……

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Sprite Comic/Picture
Mario VS. Sonic Part 1 by Pickm
A sprite comic battle between 2 video game characters. Or just a picture...
Colored Drawing
ben's BIG! weight gain page 9 END by Pickm
Colored Drawing
Untitled Drawing by Pickm
Plain White Sketch!
Ben's BIG! weight gain page 6 by Pickm
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