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She's Leaving on a Jetplane by BedBendersInc

This is the greatest fat fetish picture I ever seen, I mean it's so hot, you are the greatest artist ever! I instantly favorited and fo...


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Does anyone know of the lost TV show named "The Groovenians"? It only aired twice before it was taken off for good, I saw it on its second run on Cartoon Network/Adult Swim. I heard there were 10 more episodes planned before it was dropped, they all had weird titles like (one, for example): "Satan's Music Box.", these were discovered in the CN vault (where unaired shows are kept). 

I was taking a tour of CN, back in 2006. I saw a large vault labeled "DO NOT ENTER", and my curiosity took over me. I went inside and saw all kinds of tapes, one caught my eye. It was labeled "groovenians01", and the number went down to 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. I remember watching the pilot to The Groovenians and wanted to watch tapes. I found a VCR laying around there, it even had a plug so I could hook it up and watch all of the tapes before the group would even know.

2 minutes later after hooking up the wires, I put 01 into the VCR and it played. It was exactly the same as the pilot episode, except King Norman's design was more unfinished and choppy. Also, the ending scene was changed to a new scene, you know where that one eyed girl talks about Groovenia and how she is excited about tomorrow, well this time she is talking about how Satan will enlighten the world and make it a better place. I was a little freaked about a topic like that being in a kids show, but I shrugged it off as dark humor.

Then I watched 02, it was the episode (that I talked about before) named "Satan's Music Box", it starts with Glindy, Jet and Zazzy (that freaking CREEPY tree). They were sitting on a picnic blanket with shocked looks on their faces. Lightning strikes Jet, which ends up leaving a music box that is labeled "BLACK MAGIC IS BETTER THAN REAL MAGIC.", Glindy says that they shouldn't change the way they are with magic and that it's satanism.

Zazzy ignores her commands and starts to chant the spells. They kinda go like this (don't read out loud, if you that stupid):

"Сатана может изменить, и вы можете изменить тоже. Zee Ма Кунга Ла"

Zazzy becomes a demon with large fangs, and Glindy starts to run away. Jet wakes up to the large demon and tries to run but Zazzy catches him and starts to rip him apart, blood gushing out of Jet's body as he torn to shreds. Jet is seen in a large goop of blood on the grass (that has been changed from green to blood red), and was dead, the cartoon ends there.

I was shocked, but not that shocked, I thought it was awesome to see a cartoon pull off that shit in the 2000's. I inserted 03 into the VCR and it played where 02 left off, with Glindy, still running from Zazzy. It shows what Glindy sees, she saw Jet's corpse and what looked like blood was rushing down her face, sounds of sobbing and whimpering play but not cartoon crying but real crying sounds. Zazzy rushes from the right and starts to mutilate Glindy, but now back to normal. It shows her body next to Jet's, and the cartoon ends there.

I only had 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09 and 10 to go. I watched 04 and it showed a character that rarely appeared in the pilot and these "new" episodes at all: Nixon. It showed how he was kicked off Groovenia by the normals, then it showed a disturbing flashback of Nixon being raped by the normals several times, all clips were mashed together and were highly disturbing. I puked all of my energy bar and gasped "What the fuck?", and started to ponder what the fuck was that.

I picked up 04 and dusted it off, it had the words "04 - DO NOT WATCH!!!" in capitals. I feared for the worst, and I inserted 04 into the VCR and it started off with a picture of Glindy, Jet and their dad (who was looking out the window in anger for some reason), except they had black holes for eyes and were looking evilly at their dad.

Screencapture001 by Pickm

They were holding the key Nixon gave them in the pilot, but it was covered in blood and what seemed to be bits of flesh. I heard of the voice of the dad say "W-What are you two doing to me?!?" in a scream, he then screamed "No, stop it!" and a blood splat could be heard along with a loud crunching noise. I knew what happened: they killed their own father. The cartoon simply ends there, with a warning:


I was disturbed at all this disturbing imagery from this one damned cartoon, I inserted 05 into the VCR, it showed Nixon, he was laughing evilly at Glindy and Jet's dead bodies. He began jump and stomp on them, he pulled down his pants and took a massive shit all over them. It was funny and disgusting at the same time, what was really messed up was when their blood was mixed with shit brown, it was kinda funny but still messed up, the cartoon ends there.

I was so disturbed, I didn't really want to continue. And then I ran out.

The tour probably ended, before I got out anyway.

Please, if you see these episodes and possibly more, DON'T WATCH IT!!!

(Creepypasta) The Groovenians: Missing Episodes
Not that good of a creepy pasta, but I wrote this a while ago and hadn't released it. So, I did a few touches before releasing it...
garflip was ded . nefore shoe startred,jahn wuz boei shoe died in a car crash. garfielf woz a ckat who died 4 no reesun , it was spooky whow thee die, so I died from beiinh spooked
Garflop deeree
spooky tales

Sonic 6 - The Search for Tails PT.4 by Pickm
Sonic 6 - The Search for Tails PT.4
(Amy tries to smack Tails Doll with hammer)


Amy: Wha-What? My Hammer!!! YOU NASTY DEMON DOLL *gets swatted by TD and dies and bleeds to death*

Rouge: Now, my turn! *tries to spin dash Tails Doll, but gets killed too*

TD: *crazy laughter* I finally killed half of my killing list, now for Engman and his stupid robots *teleports to Eggman's lab*

PT.5 will be the final battle! :D (Big Grin) CHICA INTENSIFIES chat icon 

  • Go click on that link
  • Then go to videos and click on the first one
  • watch it and then
  • WTF BOOM!!! 
:huehuehue: (me): wtf is this?
:shrek: (shrek): it's orge-ful
Jack-WTF? (my friend): eh.............he.....illunamti confaped :illuminati: 

Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay omg they did it againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn:pokemonmlg: :pokemonmlg: :pokemonmlg: 
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